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 Are You Feeling Left Out...?

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PostSubject: Are You Feeling Left Out...?   Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:57 pm

Hopefully This Will Clear Come Stuff Up For You People Who Are Feeling Left Out

Ok, so ive been getting alot of crap about how people are feeling left out because they r not being in enough wars. Also complaining because they think that we only focus on our "Key Members." Well fellow members of PB/WOG i have some stuff to say back. You guys are completly wrong for accusing me of leaving u guys out bcuz i have made plenty of opotunities for you guys that you do not take advantage of.

One of these is the PB/WOG JV team which all of u clearly decided to ignore. This is a secondary team to get the players who we want to be more skilled to get better. We dont want to have just "Key members." We want to have a huge selection so we can have even MORE clan wars.

Lostx has made a secondary GameBattles Team which people who r not on the first team can feel free to join and have some GB fun. Practice your team work and do good on ladders and u can be promoted onto the first GB team and u can be in alot more clan wars.

The clan practices. The reason why i put all the "Better" people on one team and the lower skilled members on the other is for 2 reasons. The "Better" people get to practice techniques and teamwork which they would be doing in clan wars. And for the lower skilled people, im doing this to help u guys out just as much. You only get better by playing people who are better then you. So take advantage of the practices and dont be like Knitemare and quit the clan because you dont get the team that you want on a clan PRACTICE. If i see that you are doing good then good things will happen for you.

So i hope that i cleared alot up for you guys. I dont wanna hear things like "Why are they so much important" or " How can i get better," because everybody in the clan has the same potential to be very good at this game. You have to remember that it has only been out for a few weeks so there is plenty of time to get good. Just play alot and practice with your team work. To be in the clan wars you dont necesarily have to be the best you just need to have great team work. When i go in clan wars i dont always get more kills than i do deaths because my job isnt really to kill ppl. I stay back and lower the enemies health so its easier for the other people to kill them. Thats called teamwork.
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Are You Feeling Left Out...?
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