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 Tryouts Guidline #2

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PostSubject: Tryouts Guidline #2   Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:50 am

This is the second way tryouts can work. I want to make sure that the people joining are good so i will be making people testers who are the cutoff skill level. If the perosn trying out cant beat that person then they cannot join.

This is how the tester will try people out:

- 3 Matches of 3 strikes. One of them u must only use shotgun. Second one u may only use pistol. Third one u may only use Grenades and Melee attacks.

- Do a Quick Match at Pentagon with Drudge Weapons. Only use Strike Rifle and see how good his sniping skills are.

- Next do a 3 Strikes Match at Pentagon with Near/Far weapons and only use the Scar.

***The Tester must record all of the results of the matches. Right down the final scores of Quick Matches and how many responds were left on the winner of the 3 Strikes Matche. Give me your opinion on their strenghts and weaknesses.***

***If a person trying out does not make the cuts for the position that they wanted (as in close combat or sniper) then they cannot immediatly try out for the other spot. If they want to try out for the same spot again then they must wait 4 days so they have time to train. If they want to try out for the other position then they must wait 2 days to get ready for it.***

***If u give me the results and i decide that they make the cuts then they have to play me (obZcurity) in a sniper shoot out or L Angel in a Close Combat Fued depending on which spot they are trying out for.. But before you do that you must ask them if they are willing to wear a clan tag. If they say no then they tried out for nothing. If they say yes then let them know that they have that one last task to do. If they do not make it then it is the testers responsibility to tell them that they did not make the cuts and tell them about when they can next tryouts.(In the paragraph above)***

***Testers can feel free to give advice during the tryouts that they are running to test the players listening skills. Because if they are like Nero and dont like to listen then we might have a problem***
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Tryouts Guidline #2
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