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 The Point Blank Warrios Of God JV team!

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PostSubject: The Point Blank Warrios Of God JV team!   Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:45 pm

This Is The PB/WOG-JV Team.

This is for the people in the clan who feel left out for not being in any wars. This gives the rest oft he members the same oportunities that the people who are always in wars get. My job is to make everybody in the clan feel like they are wanted. Ive been trying to get more and more different people into the clan pratices. This JV team is only temporary for the people who r in it. Once you are on the JV team you are not stuck in it. You can get promoted to be up on the better team and be in the wars with us and possibly be on gamebattles.

The leaders of this JV team are Nero and Nickles. The Captians are Nate and Lostx.

The Members on the JV team is basically anybody that has not yet been in a clan war. You guys can get your own clan wars on your own free will. You guys will be having you own clan war record.

***Please take this seriously because if you ever want to be in the real clan wars or in gamebattles wars then u need to prove yourself in the JV matches. Pretend that the JV wars are real wars. Work on your team work and if u have wii speak communicate with your teamates.***
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The Point Blank Warrios Of God JV team!
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