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PostSubject: ****TRAINING****   Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:39 am

Alright guys now we need to start getting serious with our training. I spoke over this idea with L angel and he seems to really like the idea too. In clan wars (especially gamebattles) we are not going to say "make sure ur with somebody." Now its going to be "make sure your with ur group. We are going to be spliting up team by close range and long range. You will be assaigned to the group where we think that u fit best.

Long Distance Leader: obZcurity

How to train for long distance?

At times i will be taking my long distance group to the pentagon with Long Range weapons. One person will be up at the top of their base and we will do different acticities.

Some of those activities could be:

-Have 5 ppl running below at bottom (near the hole that goes to the basement) and the sniper picking them all off.

-Have a few people hiding behind walls or the Tank and try pop off their domes.

-Defending the Hut on Streets. We will most likely be sniping from out hut to get the other players on the other side of the map. So we need to keep it safe. We need to make sure that we r ALWAYS stocked with HUMAN GRENADES that we can toss down the stairs. Have players form close range try to come up in stairs and kill them.

We will be doing this trainign atleast once every two days.

Close Combat Leader: L Angel

How Do We Train For Close Combat?

L Angel will be at times taking people to the streets and going in the warehouse's. In them you can do many close combat activities.

Some of these activities could be:

-Everybody goes in the same warehouse with the same weapon and see who is the last person standing.

-Two people go in the warehouse with the car lift in it and the garage closed and go in the little ditch below the car lift. One person will clearly die so dont let it be you. You can have tournaments like that.

Leader Of Sniping Is obZcurity

Leader Of Close Combat Is L Angel
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