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 Some Point Blank Guidlnes

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PostSubject: Some Point Blank Guidlnes   Sun Apr 19, 2009 7:35 am

Point Blank Clan Guidlines

Clan wars are clearly a big part of a clan. We run them in a very organized fassion. Nobody is allowed to be left alone. you must be with a partner to back you up. Learn how each person plays and how to work well with them. Get some chemistry with them and learn how to complement each others playing styles. ALWAYS have SOME TYPE of grenades on you.(preferable human grenades) Please do no flash bang your partners.

Find your key weapon. Use that weapon a lot and learn to use it effectively. For example, in most shooters when u shoot an automatic gun your aimer will continue to move up. So learn how you would burst it. Some guns are really hard to use like that one gun is a guided grenade. If you want to make that your main gun then I would hope that u would practice a lot with it.

Learn “your spots” in a level. If you are the type of person who likes to camp out then on every single level u have to find our sweet spot where you would feel good to play under pressure in a clan war. Learn how to get into certain spots that people are camping in. Find out what is your best and your worst level. If you are a sniper then find out where the best places to snipe are at on each level. Learn where every gun is on each level. Basically just LEARN YOUR ENVIROMENT.
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Some Point Blank Guidlnes
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